Roy Gullickson is the principal designer and engineer behind the Packard Twelve. His extensive business experience and knowledge of engineering and production are the foundation of the prototype and the Company.

The interest in the Packard Twelve is tremendous. The Packard® Twelve has been displayed in a number of prestigious car shows, with acclaim, and Packard Holdings Inc. receives numerous e-mails and letters from interested potential buyers, dealers and distributors. The July 17, 2006 issue of Auto Week Magazine stated in a poll taken that PACKARD was one of the top 4 choices of automobile names that should be revived.

There is a market for this type of automobile.

The Packard name is still widely known and respected around the world. Packard automobile owners' clubs have thousands of members around the world, and they have helped keep the name current. PHI constantly receives e-mails and letters from owners of classic Packards and others from around the world, looking forward to new Packards again being available, and wishing Packard the best of luck. PHI continues to provide help and information to those people looking for parts for their Packards, in fact, have helped two enquiries from India for parts in the past year, among many others. PMCC also supplies some reproduction parts for classic Packards.

Packard outsold Cadillac until 1950, and for some years, the lowest priced Packards were dearer than the most expensive Cadillac. Packards were automobiles of choice for many heads of state, movie stars, judges, and others who appreciated fine automobiles.

Knowledgeable people who have seen the new Packard® Twelve Prototype have expressed the opinion that it is a true extension of the classic Packard theme.

It is time that AMERICAN MADE Packards were on the Road Again!