Packard automobiles were for many years the Pride of the American automobile industry. They supplied premium priced, high quality automobiles in a class that at present is not available in any American automobile. The considerable market in America and the world in this class is all supplied by European/British manufacturers. This is the place for Packard - a distinctive American automobile - the name still means quality and luxury to automobile enthusiasts worldwide.

The new Packards will include state of the art engineering, excellent quality, and superb performance, while retaining the styling details which make it a Packard.

The concept Packard Twelve has a Packard branded all-aluminum 525 cu. in. V-12 with 593 ft. lbs. torque and 573 horsepower, full time all-wheel drive, and aluminum body and chassis/frame. All-wheel drive is not available on the Rolls Royce, Bentley or Maybach.

The engine can relatively easily be adapted to use natural gas or biofuels, and it could also be adapted to 'variable displacement' to run on only one bank of 6 cylinders at a time when in low-power requirement driving conditions. Electric and hybrid variants of the existing platform are contemplated, and have been proposed by an outside specialty automotive engineering firm.

The Packard prototype is a 4 door sedan, and convertible and coupe variants are contemplated as well.